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Resident info


Appendix – House rules

The tenant will have a move-in inspection.

The tenant has 14 days from the start of the tenancy to report faults and defects in the apartment. Mail too:

Inquiry regarding operational issues such as renovation, cleaning of hallways, care of yard and outside areas, elevators, heating systems, drains, keys, etc. The property manager, will in agreement with the landlord, call for craftsmen for repairs when needed. concluded lease are responsible for.

Heat and water: 

Heating: Is not included in the A/C consumption and is settled directly with Aalborg Forsyning.

Water: Charged in advance monthly with the rent. Settled annually.

Electricity:  is not included in the A/C consumption and is settled directly with the utility company. The tenant must register for electricity with a electricity company of his/her choice.

Waste is disposed in containers in the yard until completion of Molok.

Pets are not allowed, according to house rules, no exemptions are granted.

House rules

It is possible to rent a parking space in the parking basement.

End of leach Please e-mail your end of leach to Ceraco at:

Please note that the apartment and keys must be handed in 10 working days before the end of the lease.

The tenant will be called on, for an end of leach inspection.

The tenant is welcome to contact  for a pre-move-in inspection, where you go through the apartment together, to see what repairs are needed and indicate the costs thereof.