- Gigantium-quaters


In Aalborg East, close to Gigantium, the University and Supersygehuset, Ceraco plan to build Apartment buildings for rental. The building will be named The Universitypark – due to the prime location in relation to Aalborg University, located a short distance from what will be Universitetsparken.

Housing in the Gigantium quarter, Aalborg East

In the Gigantium Kvarteret in Aalborg East, we are developing rental housing. Step one will be dormitorie buildings, that can house many of the students studying at the University, a short distance from the address.

Press the QR codes below, to see preliminary 3D drawings of the building. The property offers several things. There will be common space, as well as a roof terrace and parking for cars, shared cars and bicycles.


Attractive location Close to education

The location of The Universitypark is very attractive for the students. A short distance to the University and the Teachers’ Seminary. Also a short distance to SUPER Hospital. There will be good housing options for all students here in Universitetsparken.

A short distance from the building, there is ample opportunity of transportation to city center or the rest of the country by public transport. The Plus bus will run directly into the city, just as shared cars are planned for the project.

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