About Ceraco

The Ceraco Group

Ceraco is a family-owned realestate and development group with headquarter at Nordvestvej 31 in Aalborg. The group has a history and extensive experience with development, investment and administration of commercial and residential properties.

Ceraco invests in land plots and buildings with development potential. Ceraco develop land plots and realestate, for the group’s own realestate portfolio.

Ceraco value credibility, quality and ethics highly. Ceraco have realistic and high quality standard for the group itself, as well as for business partners. This way, Ceraco build and maintains high-quality realestate.

As a real estate and development group, Ceraco focus on investments in Denmark, primarily in Aalborg and Copenhagen. 

Ceraco also has a property portfolio in Warsaw, Poland, which is run by the Danish group’s subsidiary Ceraco Polska in Warsaw.​​span,  Ceraco Polska, as the parent company, focuses on integrity, satisfied tenants and quality.

Ceracos properties are built to a high quality, with ongoing maintenance following, so that the properties always appear in the best possible condition.

Polish realestate

Ceraco owns several rental properties in prime locations in Warsaw, Poland. These are rented out to offices, shops, restaurants and hotel apartments.